Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mistaken identity

I was at Arby's yesterday with a friend. We ordered and they were running behind on my friends fry order. A few minutes after we had sat down a person brought him his fries. I was taking a bite of my sandwich as my friend said thank you sir. I still hadn't looked up at this person but I would have bet my wife's new van that it was a lady. I said you mean ma'am. My friend then says sorry to this person. After I said those words I looked up and saw to my horror a young man delivering the fries. What do you say at that moment? Sorry I thought you were a woman based on your voice. Then another thought popped into my head. What if it is a woman? Do I insult her? I learned a lesson yesterday. First of all, always look before speaking. It is a good rule of thumb. Secondly, I need to be careful with folks. Here is a young man....I think who could be hurting because of my carelessness. Is it kind of funny? Yes but not to him. How often do I judge someone based on the sound of their voice? By the clothes they wear? By the company they keep? I need to look deeper at a person than just the surface. Point taken.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Greece. The third world power in the history of the world. Their reign of world domination was just before the coming of Christ. They lasted just over 300 years as the top dog before Rome took over. Their research and development was second to none. They made a blueprint for the first steam engine among other things. Yet they, like all world powers, fell to the next world power. I got to thinking about us. (America) Do I need to worry about the USA? What may happen to our super power status. Should I plunge into the political arena and worry about stupid policies being made? With the now famous phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" I will try and answer. If Jesus were walking around here today as he was 2000 years ago I say he would be thinking about people not governments. This thought hit me recently and it changed my perspective on the current situation we as Americans find ourselves in. So here is my challenge to myself. Don't worry about the ignorance known as our government. Be about the people living near me. Don't worry about whether my children will know the America I grew up with as far as being a super power. Instead try and make America a place that resembles our future home as believers in Jesus Christ. After all this is but a temporary home for us. Treat it as one.