Sunday, May 31, 2009

If today was your last day...

If today was my last day I think I would play with my kids, have a long talk with my wife, call a couple friends who I have been praying for and spend time with God. Sounds like a good day so maybe I should live like it is my last day. After all the Bible says life is like a vapor.

Friday, May 29, 2009

One big Guy

"Once every fifty years God shows us just how small we really are." Bonus points if you can nail down the movie that quote is from. The truth of the matter is God shows us how small we are every day if we look for it. I was reminded of that today. We are a part of such a vast universe. So many galaxies, planets, stars and yet God chose this little planet to send His only Son to die. I cannot begin to fathom the why. I don't think that is my job to figure out the why. Bottom line my finite mind couldn't put it together even if the answer stared me in the face. What I do know is that God loves me. I know that He is worthy of my praise. He is to be feared. He made this vast place we call the universe in 6 days. I can barely clean up my garage in a day with the help of my entire family. God is big. God loves me. God is God. Which leads me to this thought: Who am I to question anything He does.

Do I miss it?

I was reading about the life of Jesus and wondered. Was Mary confused? She was told that she would bring into the world the Messiah, the King of Kings. Yet she saw Him hanging on a cross. Jesus was never a King. Not a King like we think of. Did she question God as she watched her Son hang on a cross? My bet is she thought Jesus would not die there. If I were her I would probably have expected God Himself to come out of the heavens and start tearing things up. Mary had much faith to believe the way she did from such a young age but my guess is her faith was rattled for those three days Jesus lay dead in a tomb. Thoughts of why or how could you take my Son from me. May I always remember that God is in control. If I can keep my focus on Him my vision will always be perfect.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let me say thanks for taking your precious time to check my thoughts out. Let me be the first to say I am not an English major nor a man who sees himself as having things figured out. I, to be truthful, am doing this so that I might grow closer to God in conveying my thoughts daily. I thought friends have probably been wondering for years what is going on inside my head so here is your chance. Enter at your own risk.

Is it any wonder?

Is it any wonder that we killed Jesus? If Jesus were in human form today would we treat him any differently than he was treated in the days he walked the earth? For example: He was seen by many as a form of entertainment. "What is this Jesus fella going to do next? Did you hear he brought some guy back to life the other day? I can't wait to see what He does next." Yet when life and death hung in the balance where were his "fans"? "Poor sap must have done something wrong. Idiot claimed He was God. I sure will miss His cool magic tricks though."
So how do we view Him today? "Oh Jesus if you help me out of this I won't do ______ anymore. I promise." "Church was kinda boring today. I felt the pastor was just a bit off his game." Would we as proclaimed people that love God be willing to lay our lives on the line for Him? I have often thought I would. However, am I living like I would? Just like in a marriage we husbands would brashly say we would die for our wife or kids. But.....but are we daily giving of ourselves to our families or are we all about self. The same applies to our walk with God doesn't it? So I ask myself again, would I die for Him? More importantly, am I living for Him?