Thursday, September 24, 2009

Go with your gut.

Have you ever felt that you should do something but it just seems plain crazy? Once in a while this happens to me. Sometimes it is just me being Kraig. However, many times it is God wanting me to do something outside my comfort zone. Sometimes it works out and sometimes I think God just wanted my faith to grow a bit. A couple of case and points. Several years ago while having my quiet time I felt God tell me to go to my local high school and meet up with a student there. Understand school had just started so my next question was, "What will I do when I get there? Stand in an empty hallway and talk to myself?" I heard God telling me to just go. So I went. This young man was walking out of his class as I entered the building. Just others walking down the hall. I spoke with him that morning. Nothing important happened in his life that morning. (I asked him several years later) However, something huge happened to me that morning. I went there with the intentions of helping a fella out. Instead God taught me about His faithfulness. Since then I have done some pretty strange things at times but only because I felt His call. I just did something that I would deem as strange this morning because I felt called. I wonder what He has in mind this time?