Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evil at work

I find it interesting to think how few times I really take into consideration what is around me. Let me explain. Earlier this week I was cleaning out a house that I manage. Things were normal for the most part. Big mess, lots of junk to discard, the normal. I have been having trouble getting ahold of the tenant however and so I decided to put his things in the garage in case he wanting the left behind junk. I opened the garage door and found a pentagram made of what appeared to be ashes with a evil looking cup in the middle of it. It was filled with some kind of liquid. Instantly I became aware of what took place in this garage and instantly I began to pray out loud. I left that place later with a heavy heart. Probably due to the spiritual battle going on along with the sadness I felt for this young man. Hear is my question to me though: Why did it take a demonic sign to make me realize that there is a spiritual war going on? It is a daily thing and yet I am snoozing at the wheel so often. I need to get my head in the game.