Friday, August 28, 2009

The Family Man

Building off of my thoughts from yesterday I found myself very happy about some things. Have I given up on a few dreams? Sure....who hasn't. Should I revisit those dreams. Sure. But in doing so I also realized the dreams that have come true. I have always aspired to be a great dad and husband. I have been so fortunate in the way things in my life have unfolded. I have been given a great job by God which allows me to spend so much time with my wife and children. Not to say I don't work but I control my schedule for the most part. It has allowed me to continue to see that dream come true. Of all my dreams it has always been the most important to me. I am so glad that as a young man God put that dream in my heart. No matter what my dreams I missed out on have been without that dream all others would be futile. Thank you Jesus.

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