Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's going on in the world today...

Do you ever find yourself wondering what in the world is going on? Why our government thinks dumping money into big business' that aren't working is a good idea. Why do we continue to tinker with the middle east instead of whipping them out. How GM can even dare say buy American anymore when most of the money going into the purchase of their vehicle leaves our country. And finally, why on earth are we borrowing money from China. And by borrow money I am being nice. The kind of money we owe them is just crazy. I bring up all these points because I think they are leading to something.
That something is a bit sketchy. It could just be that we are in the great recession and we have too many ignorant people making decisions for us in the political arena. It could be that fighting in the middle east will prove fruitful. It may be that we will pay China back in the next couple years. Maybe in a few years everything will be great in this country. Maybe though...just maybe this is the beginning. The beginning of what I, as a Christian, long for. The return of Jesus Christ. I don't like to speculate this as it seems there is some nut job on every street corner saying this but what if? I have just found it interesting over the past few years to see how much has changed. Let me make a list:
1. Taliban declare war on us with the events of 9/11. 2. Our economy takes a huge downturn. 3. More and more companies become global and not just from one country. (a huge shift over the past 20 years) 4. I can talk with someone living in a foreign country with no effort whatsoever. 5. Turkey, a long time friend of Israel has recently become hostile toward them leaving Israel without a friend in the middle east. 6. The Euro has been introduced. 7. Several natural disasters of massive proportions have taken place. 8. I haven't got a problem with Obama but since when is a president in this country treated like he is the savior. I got way too much of that impression and still do. Makes it easier to see how dumb we as people can be and how easy it could be to usher in one world leader. 9. The world has been at war somewhere in the world since 1948 with the exception of 3 weeks. 3 weeks of peace in over half a century. 10. Other religions are growing while Christianity continues to shrink.
Those are just ten things off the top of my head that I can come up with that have changed in my lifetime and most of which have happened in the past 10 years. I am sure the apostle Paul felt Jesus was coming at any moment then too. It just seems so much closer now with the world we live in. As Terrell Owens says before he plays the game of football, "get your popcorn ready". I think I'll go whip me up a batch just in case.

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