Friday, May 29, 2009

One big Guy

"Once every fifty years God shows us just how small we really are." Bonus points if you can nail down the movie that quote is from. The truth of the matter is God shows us how small we are every day if we look for it. I was reminded of that today. We are a part of such a vast universe. So many galaxies, planets, stars and yet God chose this little planet to send His only Son to die. I cannot begin to fathom the why. I don't think that is my job to figure out the why. Bottom line my finite mind couldn't put it together even if the answer stared me in the face. What I do know is that God loves me. I know that He is worthy of my praise. He is to be feared. He made this vast place we call the universe in 6 days. I can barely clean up my garage in a day with the help of my entire family. God is big. God loves me. God is God. Which leads me to this thought: Who am I to question anything He does.

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