Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give it up

What am I willing to give up for Christ? An even better question is what am I not willing to give up for Christ? Christ says "go sell all you own and follow me. " Not a big problem for me. As I've lived I find the more junk I have the more junk breaks. (just had to replace a dryer) The hard one for me is would I be bitter if I lost my kids or wife to tragedy? Would I turn my back on God? I'd like to say no I wouldn't turn on God with every degree of certainty in my body. I'd like to be like my grandma who has shown she is a rock in her faith as she has lost two husbands and two children in her life not to mention friends and other family members. Would I stand by God no matter what? I am going to go public and say yes. Now it is your job to hold me to it. I just pray that you never have to.

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